Google Drive Sync for macOS and Windows will be replaced by ‘Backup and Sync’

If you’re a Google Drive user like me, you must have installed its client on your macOS or Windows PC. However, it’s not as good as Dropbox’s client because it keeps getting disconnecting every now and then. Also, it’s design looks a bit old now, and it has long been time for Google to upgrade it with new features and UI. The internet services giant has been testing a new app for macOS and Windows platforms that will replace Google Drive Sync. Now, the company has announced that its new app ‘Backup and Sync’ will replace Google Drive.

The ‘Backup and Sync’ app seems ready to be released, and Google has showcased a screenshot of the app for macOS on its G Suite Updates blog. It will replace Google Drive Sync, and it has a few new features apart from an updated user interface. It will come integrated with a Google Photos uploader, so you can upload and manage your data on Google Photos. Moreover, your existing Google Drive Sync settings will be automatically carried over with this new client, so you don’t need to worry about your files and folders. This new application will be available for download starting June 28.

Google will release the new client for both macOS and Windows platforms. Google Photos is one of the most used Google products, and both Android and iOS users use it since it offers a lot of artificial intelligence driver smart features. The internet search giant announced a lot of new collaboration features to Google Photos during Google I/O 2017 conference, and those features are expected to roll out later this year. While Google is charging ₹650 for 1TB of cloud storage space, Apple recently upgraded its pricing to ₹650 for 2TB of iCloud storage, increasing the competition.

Google Backup & Sync App For macOS & Windows


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