Apple is rolling out iOS 11 Beta 2 update to the developers

Apple has started pushing the second beta of the iOS 11 to the developers. This second beta brings a lot of bug fixes for issues discovered in the first beta, and a handful of new tweaks as well as changes. While the latest beta build goes to the developers, Apple is expected to release a public beta build by the end of this month as promised at WWDC 2017.

Apple calls the iOS 11 its biggest software update for the iPad by peppering it with numerous improvements for the tablet. The iOS 11 also includes features for both the iPhone and the iPad products. The latest iOS 11 Beta 2 packs the following noteworthy changes:

Control Center:
A new option to disable the Control Center within the apps will let it show only when swiped up from the Home screen. Bluetooth button now disconnects from the connected devices and remains active instead of toggling off entirely.

Files App:
A new “Save To Files” option will let you save photos, documents, or any other file directly into the Files app and replaces the old Add to iCloud Drive option.

Just like Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari web browser is opening up gates for the users to try a few several experimental features such as Web Animations, WebGPU, CSS Spring Animations, and more. Do note that enabling any of these options might turn Safari unstable.

You can now dictate stuff to the iOS 11 beta 2 running device in the Hindi language.

Do Not Disturb While Driving:
This new option will set a limit on notifications while driving. The options offer to let this mode kick in automatically whenever iPhone connects to car’s Bluetooth or you can do it manually. Incoming calls will be allowed if you connect the iPhone to the car’s Bluetooth or a hands-free device (AirPods).

Lock Screen:
Pulling down from the top of the display to see the Notifications now shows a new blur animation.

The iOS 11 packs several tweaks which Apple didn’t talk about or show at the WWDC 2017 earlier this month. We have enlisted those iOS 11 features in two parts – Part 1 and Part 2.

Apart from these, expect to see several under-the-hood stability improvements as well. If you have been waiting to try out the iOS 11 public beta, you may expect it to show up at the end of this month. However, you must sign yourself to the Apple Beta Software Program to try out the public betas of iOS 11.


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