Your Facebook Messenger will Soon be Flocked with Ads


Ever since the launch of Messenger back in 2011, the popular messaging service from Facebook lacked a concrete monetization plan. Stan Chudnovsky, Product Head of Messenger at Facebook has now announced that the social media giant aims to introduce Messenger home screen ads by the end of this year.


Facebook has been experimenting various methods to generate revenue from Messenger. Recently, it allowed businesses on to get in touch with prospective customers by sending sponsored messages on its platform. With that said, sponsored messages could only be sent to users who had previously conversed with the said company. Needless to say, it failed to succeed as per Facebook’s expectation.

Finally, the social media giant is ready to introduce advertisements onto the messaging platform. These ads would appear on the Messenger home screen along with your list of messages. The advertisements will follow an auction-based model with the same sort of user targeting capabilities seen on Facebook and Instagram.


The social media giant has been trying out ads in the Messenger app in selected areas of the world. Chudnovsky revealed that Facebook had been beta testing the Messenger home screen ads in Australia and Thailand since January. With the introduction of Messenger home screen ads, WhatsApp would be the only major Facebook product that would remain ad-free. Even that may change soon as rumors regarding WhatsApp advertisement plans are floating around in the industry for quite some time now.

Ad-blocking services have been growing exponentially since the past year, affecting the revenue of thousands of online business including digital media houses. It has however failed to affect segregated apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Facebook currently draws a major bulk of its ad revenue from mobile users. Thus, it’s quite natural for the tech firm to bet big on Messenger home screen ads. It would, however, be interesting to see how Messengers users respond to these ads.

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