Twitter is Testing out a Tweetstorm Feature for its Users


Twitter has been adding new features that focus on allowing its users to include more content into their Tweets. Recently Twitter announced that it will be excluding the @username from the character counts. This time around a new Tweetstorm feature has been spotted by a user. This new feature will let anyone compose a tweet that has more than 140 characters in it. Once published the post will be broken into tweets with 140 characters and also will be numbered accordingly.


As of now, we have a handful of tools that let one Tweetstorm on Twitter, for instance, StormIt. That being said Tweetstoriming is pretty confusing and if you end up messing your tweet, there is no way to edit it. The new Tweetstorm feature was unearthed by Matt Navara who also posted a couple of screenshots showing the new feature in action.


Apart from helping people condense a couple of Tweets, it will also allow the users to publish an article in a much more intuitive manner. On the other hand with the Tweetstorm function, users of the official Twitter apps no more have to rely on third-party apps or manually segregating their longer tweets into a series.


That being the most obvious concern is what if people stop being objective and start putting out large tweets instead? Well, it is here that the Twitter’s sorting algorithm will come into play and most likely decrease the visibility of such tweets. It’s no secret that Twitter has been struggling with growth from last few years, and unlike Facebook, the microblogging site attracts only a certain niche of users. On the other hand, Twitter is also betting big on its video efforts, and it has tied up with media outlets like Bloomberg to broadcast live video 24×7. Also worth mentioning that Twitter had earlier acquired Periscope a live video streaming company.

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