This Chinese OEM is Working on a Budget Smartphone with an 18:9 Infinity Display


One of the main reasons behind the phenomenal success of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is its Infinity Display. Now, a lesser known Chinese smartphone brand wants to recreate the Galaxy S8 feat with its upcoming Ulefone F2.


Ulefone essentially plans to make use of an Infinity Display to create a new smartphone that wouldn’t be as heavy on pocket like the Galaxy S8. Ulefone has shared a render on the F2 on its official Facebook page. It’s extremely hard to not notice the striking similarity of the Ulefone F2 with that of the Samsung Galaxy flagship.

The Chinese firm claims that the Ulefone F2 will come with a 5.7-inch Infinity display. It, however, doesn’t reveal details regarding the resolution of this panel. It’s highly unlikely that Ulefone will be sourcing the display component from Samsung, as that would shoot up the price of the Ulefone F2 by leaps and bounds. Most probably it will be using a LCD panel sourced from a local Chinese display maker. Even then, an Infinity display with an 18.5:9 aspect ratio and minimal bezels in a budget smartphone is sure to catch your wildest of imaginations.

Ulefone reveals that its upcoming smartphone would come with a whopping 8GB RAM. This will surely draw the attention of specs-sheet-crazy consumers. The Chinese firm, however, hasn’t revealed the details regarding the chip that will be powering the Ulefone F2. The render of the Ulefone F2 further reveal that the smartphone will come with a dual rear camera.

Besides, it will feature a fingerprint sensor embedded into a circular button at the back of the device. Frankly speaking, the rear of the Ulefone F2 seems to have taken some design cues from the Honor 8. The rear glass façade gently curves to the sides, in an attempt to provide a good in-hand feel.

Nonetheless, it always best to take upcoming device claims from lesser known Chinese brands like Ulefone and Elephone with a pinch of salt. With that said, another lesser known Chinese brand Doogee recently pulled off its own take on the Xiaomi Mi Mix, after having teased it a few months back. So, the Ulefone F2 may indeed become a reality. Fingers crossed!

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