[Team Talk] iPhone X, 8, Apple Watch and all that…


As the dust settles in the Steve Jobs Theatre following the launches of September 12, the tech world explodes in the debate over just how good the products launched were. Here is how different members of our team saw it.

“It didn’t disappoint”


Apple’s special iPhone event had a lot to live up to. Apart from launching a new edition of what some might consider the most revolutionary technology product in the history, it also marked the introduction of Apple’s sumptuous new headquarters in Cupertino. And it didn’t disappoint. With a total of six new hardware products, it was one of the most overwhelming and exhaustive events Apple had ever hosted. In a good way, of course. The iPhones, as expected, largely dominated the floor. While all the upgrades were certainly impressive, I feel Apple should have paid more attention to the iPhone 8 series especially in terms of the camera and battery life as that’s what the majority of customers will be interested in. The iPhone X truly represented the company’s vision for the next wave of iPhones — wireless and all-screen. However, despite that, the presentation itself didn’t feel rushed which is quite commendable. I’m sure the $14000 seats were satisfactory as well.Shubham Agarwal

X is the future, but other iPhones are 7S and 7S Plus!

September is iPhone time, and this time around there is not just one or two iPhones but three iPhones (Yay!). While the Cupertino giant launched the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus, the star of the show remained the iPhone X. And it is everything we were expecting – edge to edge screen, the upgraded cameras, new processor, and no home button. But while the iPhone X does feel like “ the future of the smartphone”, I think the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were more like tweaked up versions of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Wireless charging, improved cameras, and processors are all fine, but these felt more like the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus than iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Being a person who loves seeing new design elements on gadgets, I was a little disappointed with Apple Watch Series 3 in that regard, but it comes with LTE, and antennas in the display (now, THAT is cool!). All in all, it was exciting, and while there were some minor let downs, I think the Apple did enough to show the world who is boss in the smartphone world.Akriti Rana

From setting trends to blending in!


So the leaks turned out to be true – iPhone X with those super thin bezels and that dual vertical camera, and a pair of successors for the iPhone 7. iPhone has been known to set the standards for other phones, but this time around, it wasn’t that exciting either. Laser thin bezels have been around for a while now (aye, 2 – 3 years is a while on planet tech! Sharp started it, Mi improved it, Samsung publicised it, Essential picked it up…). While it is marvelous to do this, it’s more of a tech/design challenge. When one considers the usability and delight that it has to bring in, each time the user holds it – Samsung’s Infinity Display is still something I’d personally prefer. We also expect Apple to SOLVE something with each of their product. But this time around, it was merely adding on to things or just blending into the trends –glass in the build, back and front, seen this for a while. Calling on the Apple Watch – still dorky as of now if you found someone on the street talking to his hand (no pun intended!). I miss something what Steve Jobs always stood for, and wanted to do – to SOLVE something that no one has, rectify an industry wide issue via his product, those very interesting, immersive launch events – where are they now? Apple seems to have gone from being a trend setter to something that blends into a trend but does it better – yes, even yawns, puns, and memes. Good, but nothing groundbreaking about it.GK aka Cosmic Paladin

Missing the software and the surprise…

I have seen the launch of pretty much every iPhone out there, and I must confess to being very surprised at the speed with which Phil Schiller reached through the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and to a slightly lesser extent, the X. This was odd when you consider that Apple is the master of presentations that linger lovingly over products. Things were brisker this time around and in what was a bit of a surprise for me, were more hardware oriented. The X was the star of the show no doubt but we never really got to see what applications would do with all that display or any detailed UI tweaks. It looked futuristic, sure, but it seemed to work just like any other iPhone. And my heart went out to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, which were summoned and banished off stage almost summarily – the Apple TV and Apple Watch got more time than that duo. Alas, almost everything had been leaked out, so surprises were limited, but for me, the coolest thing was not AR or the X or Face ID, but the fact that the Apple Watch could detect irregular heartbeats and that it had antennas in its display! I just wish things had been more appy, notwithstanding the games and emojis and all. Nimish Dubey

Plug the Leaks, Please

The leaks are turning to be a pain for all the fans. Imagine if Apple had managed to nail the secrecy around the iPhone X and then used it for the good old “One more thing” surprise. That’d have been a fitting tribute to the man (Steve Jobs) and his machine (the iPhone). Sadly, the leaks spoiled it for Apple and the fans. Despite being bundled with a magnificent piece of tech in the form of Face ID (which I still have practical reservations), edge-to-edge display and enhancements to the Portrait Mode, people were more interested in the bloated price tag than the tech behind the phone. And the way Phil Schiller ran through the iPhone 8 presentation, makes me wonder if Apple didn’t bother to spend enough time and resources in developing the iPhone 8 and instead concentrated on the iPhone X. The enhancements are so minimal that many wouldn’t even call it iPhone 7S. Lastly, the Apple Watch Series 3 is fantastic. For the first time, I feel like owning an Apple Watch. Although the cellular feature won’t be making to India, I really love the way Apple is going with the Apple Watch. Overall, a mixed event for me.Raju PP

Why was Jony not on stage

My first Apple event, dearies. And the network HAD to be a pain. And so many people were going iPhones, and so on that I was very interested. Then there was this Jobs Theatre which I thought was an employment exchange. You have to hand it to the Apple presenters – so much enthu. Everyone comes on stage and starts saying they are excited, although they look very relaxed (except for that Phil Schiller – he was so hurrying up and looking down at the prompter, I think – did not prepare his script, did the naughty boy?). And everyone is cheering and shouting. But good fun, good fun. I did not get too impressed by the iPhone X – I actually think the Mi Mix 2 looked better in photos (honestly, I don’t like looking at X – it reminds of all my exes who I do not want to cross anyway). And honestly what is the point of having wireless charging if I STILL have to find a charger, no? But ok ok, I am old and cynical. My favorite moment was Jony Ive doing those emojis with face tracking – he is so handsome, why don’t they make him come on stage? Why don’t they make him president…oh well, never mind, dearies.Tech Auntyji

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