Seven Reasons Why Buying an iPhone 7 Still Makes Sense


While we were looking for the alternatives of the OnePlus 5, we came across something very surprising: the iPhone 7 kept popping up. With a number of e-commerce portals offering the device at prices that are well below the launch price of Rs 60,000 at which it was launched – and some going even as low as Rs 42,000 – the Godphone seems to have slipped into mortal price land. And this was the case even more so during the current Amazon Prime Day sales (where it starts at Rs 42,999). Yes, we know that a new iPhone is just around the corner, but take our word for it, in a world of Android flagships that cost considerably more (see the price tags of the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Pixel and the HTC U11, if you believe us not), we think the iPhone 7 remains a very good option at its reduced price. Check out these seven reasons:


Design: still dandy eye candy

Aesthetically speaking, iPhone has been pretty much a crowd pleaser. And the iPhone 7 is no different. It is one of the more compact phones out there (with its 4.7-inch display) and impressively slim at 7.1 mm. The blend of glass and metal is still very eye-catching, especially in the black and jet black avatars. We would say that the iPhone 7 is just the right amount of classy and chic. And still imitated extensively – that’s the most sincere form of flattery, innit?

Super smooth and fast performance…even now!

Lag-free performance and super fast performance is a territory ruled by Apple, and the fact that the iPhone 7 still runs smoothly is a testament to this. The Apple A10 64-bit quad-core chipset still works without any lags, and there is every chance that it will keep floating like a butterfly and sting like a bee for a while yet – it is still being considered as the benchmark in terms of performance by many Android flagships!


The three musketeers: UI, Apps and Security

A lot has been already written about just how good, and intuitive to use iOS is, so we will not get into that. What’s more, the iPhone 7 will get updated to iOS 11 too, and all indications are that that OS will fly on it too. And while the issue of apps is a hotly debated one, we do think that iOS scores over Android in terms of lesser malware and more secure apps, and also much better games – many developers still prefer to release iOS versions of their apps first. And well, the iPhone 7 remains as rock solid in security terms as ever.

The camera: a spectacular solider of solitude

Apple pretty much has been the undisputed king when it comes to smartphone cameras. The iPhone 7 is no different and carries the legacy forward. Although the iPhone 7 does not have a dual camera setup on the back like its elder brother iPhone 7 Plus, the 12.0-megapixel camera on the iPhone 7 is a spectacular soldier of solitude. It comes with a wider f/1.8 aperture which means the sensor gets more light in while taking pictures – simple English: good low light photography. Also on board is optical image stabilization helping you click your playful puppy and color reproduction that is perhaps the most realistic around.

Assured software updates: I ain’t getting old yet!

Getting software updates on time on Android running phones can be a bit of pain unless you own a Nexus or Pixel. Even phones running stock Android do not get updates on time. But as both hardware and software are controlled by Apple, iOS updates are made available almost at the same time to all supported iOS devices (and these span up to 3 years after launch and sometimes even longer). These updates not only quash bugs but also sometimes add new features – the iPhone 7 is not getting old in software terms for at least another couple of years. There are not too many Android devices about which one can say that!

No umbrella needed: water and dust resistance

When you almost burn a hole in your wallet buying the latest flagship in town, the last thing you want is living in constant fear of damaging it. Well, this will not exactly be a problem if you buy the iPhone 7, which comes with water and dust resistance. This iPhone 7 has an IP67 rating – first rating (6) offers protection from harmful dust while the other rating (7) offers protection from water. The iPhone 7 can be immersed in water to the depth of up to 1 meters and that too for 30 minutes. This definitely makes the iPhone 7, the most toilet-proof iPhone ever made.


Sound stuff: stereo speakers

Many phone manufacturers do not push sound up on the priority list, even in flagships. But this is not the case with the iPhone 7 – the phone comes with stereo speakers that offer a great multimedia experience. You can almost forgive Apple for excluding a 3.5 mm audio jack, so good is the sound off those two speakers!

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