Samsung’s Upcoming Graphene Ball Smartphone Battery Can be Fully Charged in 12 Minutes


Samsung has patented a new technology for enhancing the capacity as well as the charging time of lithium-ion batteries using ‘graphene balls’. Since the last two decades, lithium-ion cells have been the battery of choice when it came to electronics. These days, even electric cars come with such Li-Ion cells.


Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT), the research wing of the Korean multinational has developed a process of synthesizing graphene balls. The incorporation of these balls into modern day lithium-ion batteries would increase their capacity by as much as 45 percent. What’s more interesting is the fact, that these modified batteries could then charge at just 12 minutes. On the contrary, even the fastest of modern-day Li-Ion batteries take at least an hour to charge from 0 to 100 percent.

The newly patented graphene ball based batteries would be immensely beneficial for smartphone OEMs. With smartphones becoming slimmer with every passing day, it would be great if these new graphene balls help develop a large capacity battery in a smaller footprint. Add to that, the ability to charge the battery to 100 percent in a handful of minutes.

Batteries made using this new graphene ball material could be used in electric cars. This mainly due to the fact, that like regular lithium-ion batteries these modified ones can maintain a temperature of 60 degree Celsius, which apparently is a pre-requisite for use in electric cars. The fast charging capability of these modified graphene powered cells would help eliminate the plaguing problem surrounding the popularity of electric cars.


Samsung’s recently published paper on Nature reveals the mechanism behind this newly patented battery technology. The research team at the Korean OEM apparently makes use of silica to synthesize graphene in a three-dimensional popcorn form. Then these graphene balls are used as materials for cathode and anode in the lithium-ion batteries. With that said, it isn’t the first time graphene is being used in electronic devices. Earlier this year, researchers in Korean developed an OLED display using the same material.

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