Samsung starts mass producing new Exynos-branded IoT solution

Samsung has started mass producing a new Wi-Fi-based “solution” for Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices. The Exynos i T200 is built on a low-power 28nm process, and features two high-performance MCU cores, an on-chip security solution and ancillary blocks.

Unlike most other chips designed for IoT, the i T200 has an integrated baseband model and RF transceivers for 802.11b/g/n single band Wi-Fi, meaning it’s able to establish a speedy, reliable wireless connection, without the need for any additional components.

Things started to get particularly interesting when you pay close attention to what’s powering the i T200. Under the hood, you’ll find two MCU cores — Cortex R4 and Cortex-M0+ — for enhanced performance, which are capable of independent processing.

Obviously, if you’re configuring an IoT network, you want your equipment to be protected — and the i T200 has that covered. The chip features a ‘Security Sub-System’ that, among other things, generates a unique key for data encryption.

“The Exynos i T200 is an IoT solution optimized to deliver both the performance and security demanded in the IoT market,” said Ben Hur, Vice President of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics.

“With various Exynos solution offerings, Samsung will deliver further differentiated value to not only mobile devices, but also non-mobile spaces, including automotive and IoT,” Hur added.


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