Samsung reportedly working on 970 and 980 series NVMe solid state drives

Details on Samsung’s upcoming NVMe SSDs have surfaced online. References found on the UNH InterOperability Laboratory list by the folks over at TomsHardware suggest the successors to the current 960 EVO and 960 PRO NVMe SSDs could be marketed as simply the 970 and 980 series.

The Samsung 970 and 980 drives are both expected to feature 64-layer 3-bit per cell V-NAND and could begin shipping by the end of this year. However, they may not be easily available until early 2018, which is when the supply is expected to increase significantly. Samsung usually takes a few months to release new high-end SSD products in India, so we don’t expect to see the new 970 and 980 series SSDs to be available in India until the first half of 2018.

Apart from working on the new 970 and 980 series SSDs, Samsung is also busy developing the first-generation 4-bit per cell (QLC) V-NAND technology. As of now, the company has only shared that the technology will allow for SSDs with massive capacity. In terms of performance, it isn’t clear yet if QLC NAND will deliver significantly improved performance when compared to TLC. Samsung showcased a 128TB SAS SSD that utilizes the QLC technology and features a 1TB die size at the Flash Memory Summit recently.


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