Samsung Patent Describes a Note Series Device with Built in Breath Analyser

Samsung has patented a smartphone that will also double up as a breath analyser and an extended mic. The gas sensor protrudes out of the phone and can analyse the exhalation. Furthermore, Samsung has also detailed in the patent on how the breath analyser could be a part of a stylus for the Note lineup. Smartphones have been getting all sorts of biometric verification modules and now with the breath analyser is a good addition.


“The gas sensor portion may include a sensor module that analyzes the exhalation, a short-range transceiver unit that transmits data measured by the sensor module to the device main body, a sensor battery that supplies an electric power to the sensor module and the short-range transceiver unit, and a housing that receives the sensor module, the short-range transceiver unit, and the sensor battery, the housing rotatable connected to the moving body.”

In the image above one can see the suspended gas sensor along with the moving body portion. Going by the figure the gas sensor seems to stem out of the stylus. The next image below shows how the arrangement will look like while the users are making calls. The exhaling sensor will be analysing the breath during a call as and when the user blows breath out. It’s most likely that this feature will make it to the Note series as the Patent further reads out as following, “A space may be provided inside the moving body #110. Accordingly, components for performing different functions may be disposed inside the moving body. For example, the moving body may be implemented to function as a stylus pen.”


Well, the new feature is expected to open up a multitude of possibilities. Perhaps every cop can carry such devices to keep a tab on drink and drive. Just imagine how this innovation would work if integrated with a car key FOB. Before starting the car the owner has to blow his breath if the alcohol content is within the prescribed limits only then the car will start. That said, the patent has been filed by Samsung in June 2016 and it might be a while since we get to see this in action.

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