Report: Susan Rice Agrees to Testify Before House Intel Panel in Closed-Door Session

Former NatSec Advisor, Susan Rice has reportedly agreed to testify before a House Intelligence panel in a closed-door session some time before the House takes its August recess.


The House intelligence committee plans to interview Susan Rice next month as part of its investigation into Russia meddling in the US election last year, a high-profile target for Republicans who accuse President Barack Obama’s former national security adviser of improperly handling classified intelligence reports, according to sources familiar with the private talks.

She (Rice) has yet to answer questions from lawmakers, including declining a request to appear before a Senate judiciary subcommittee in May. And now, she has agreed to appear in a closed-door session that is expected to take place before the House departs for its August recess.
“Ambassador Rice is cooperating with bipartisan Russia investigations conducted by the Intelligence Committees as she said she would,” said Erin Pelton, a spokesperson for Rice, who served as national security adviser and the US ambassador to the United Nations under Obama.

Susan Rice has received a lot of backlash for unmasking Trump and his private associates during the 2016 election. Rice recently blamed ‘sexism’ and ‘racism’ for the backlash.

TGP previously reported that Susan Rice, the former National Security Adviser under President Obama, declined a request from Senator Lindsey Graham to testify in a judiciary subcommittee hearing regarding her role in spying on Trump team members.

A letter obtained by CNN exclusively from Susan Rice’s lawyer outlines Rice’s reasoning for not appearing. The letter was addressed to Sen. Graham and Sen. Whitehouse.

 President Trump tweeted out his disapproval of Rice’s decision not to testify before the Senate committee.


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