REPORT: ‘Leading’ UK Muslim Group Calls for ‘Ramadan Jihad’ Against ‘Oppressive Ruler’ With Pics of Trump, Farage, May

A “leading” Muslim group is raising money for their “jihad” during the Islamic “holy month” that they call Ramadan.

The post has headshots of President Trump, Brexit leader Nigel Farage, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and British Prime Minister Theresa May on their promoted content.

MPACUK, or the Muslim Public Affair Council UK tweeted out at 1:30PM EST Monday, May 29th, a “quote” from illiterate “prophet” Muhammad, which reads: “The best Jihad is the word of Justice in front of the oppressive ruler.

The tweet also calls for Muslims to “help us fight the good fight”. They also correlate the following: “Money = Manpower = Action” following up with “it’s that simple!” The tweet comes days after Muslim terrorists carried out an attack at the Manchester Arena in the U.K.

Breitbart London reports:

Islamic groups in the United Kingdom have also noted how “oppression” or “oppressive rulers” simply means any legal system besides Shariah law, established under an Islamic caliphate.

The Islamist group Hizb-ut Tahrir UK notes on its website concerning the quote: “We have tried so called ‘democracy’ in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Iraq and we have seen the fruits. Whereas in the past one tyrant and his family would loot the wealth, now we have a whole cabal of so-called ‘democrats’ who are looting our wealth and pushing our countries into sectarian chaos”.

They add: “‘Democracy’ is nothing more than a mirage that the West trumpets to give people the feeling that there is change. They only allow democracy if elections bring to power those they want. Zardari, Hasina, Karzai, Maliki and Erdogan are the products of this democracy. Elections in a system that is so inherently corruptible does nothing more than to give legitimacy to those who serve Western interests”.

Lastly, the group notes: “The Ummah needs and is crying for change. This change will only come when we go back to our basis as an Ummah – that is Islam. Establishing the Islamic system of government – the Khilafah – is the only way that this Ummah can regain her position as a nation amongst nations”.


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