Remix OS Discontinued as Jide Shifts Focus on Enterprise Market


Remix OS may have breathed its last. Its developer, Jide, has now revealed that it’s discontinuing further development of Android based PC OS. The news comes just a month after Jide kicked off beta testing of its Remix C1 tablet in China.


Jide failed to gain enough market traction with the Remix OS. The Android based OS, despite offering a great alternative to Windows for PCs failed to garner adequate revenue for the startup. Remix OS ran on PC based hardware (x86) hardware and enabled users to install Android apps.

To popularize the OS, the developer had embarked into the consumer electronics market. The Remix Ultratablet was the first product from Jide to hit the market in 2014. The developer followed it up next year with its first $70 standalone PC called the Remix Mini PC. Jide also launched Remix Pro 2-in-1 and a AOC Mars AiO PC last year. Needless to say that all of the Remix OS powered hardware received a rather lukewarm response from consumers. Jide had even partnered with Acer to launch an 11.6-inch notebook powered by Android Marshmallow based Remix OS 3.0. Unfortunately, the notebook will never see the light of the day.

By pulling a plug on the consumer market, the developer of Remix OS is focusing primarily on the enterprise clients. Jide has published an official statement on its website that it has received increased number of enquiries regarding its Remix OS from industries and organization alike. Naturally, Jide is betting big on the enterprise space to make up for the lost money.


The discontinuation of Remix OS spells doom for the company’s various hardware products. Jide, however, hasn’t clearly mentioned whether it will stop supporting its products. With that said, it would be wise not to expect updates and support for these hardware.

Jide further revealed that it has decided to abandon its ambitious Remix IO/IO+ project. For starters, the Remix IO is a 4K Remix OS powered set top box that had hit Kickstarter back in November last year. The TV box succeeded in exceeding its funding target by a huge margin. The four ex-Google engineer backed developer firm have confirmed that all backers of Remix IO/IO+ will receive full refund. The money would be sent to their respective bank account starting August 15.

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