RED Just Launched a Phone That Might Be Able to Shoot 8K Video

Yeah, that RED. RED cameras, makers of the popular cinema cameras (that most of you guys might actually know from other tech YouTubers like MKBHD in all likelihood), just announced an Android phone.

There isn’t much info on the phone really in the announcement itself, but here’s the main points from it:

  • It’s called the Hydrogen One.
  • 5.7″ display Android OS phone.
  • Display will allow for glasses-less viewing of stereo 3D, 2D/3D AR/VR/MR, “RED Hydrogen 4-View content (H4V)”, as well as “traditional 2D content at full resolution”.
  • “New high-speed data bus to enable a comprehensive and ever-expanding modular component system…” aka it’ll have mods to add to the device like a Moto Z, for example.
  • It can be used as a monitor and remote for RED cameras.
  • “RED Channel” sounds like an app on the phone to view curated “4-View holographic content” that seems to all be in a .h4v format. RED also mentions being able to convert 3D content to .h4v and upload it.
  • Available Q1 of 2018 for $1,195 for an aluminium model and $1,595 for a titanium one.

The more interesting point that Twitter user Johnathan Casey pointed out to me (thanks, John!), is the patent that was filed not too long ago by RED for a modular camera system based on a cell phone that is capable of being able to be “configured to output video at 2K, 3K, 4K, 4.5K, 5K, 6K, 8K, or even greater resolutions” (this according to Would make sense that this new camera phone is a part of that, I suspect, no?

The patent images are pretty crazy looking and might incite severe excitement in videographers–you have been warned.

RED Camera Phone 3
RED Camera Phone Patent
RED Camera Phone
RED Camera Phone 2

Interesting, right? Check out the full info and patent at the source links below but let me know what you guys think in the comments of all this?


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