Race to the top in SUP Multiplayer Racing!

What are the latest games worth checking out in the Google Play Store?

Updated June 9, 2017: Strap in for some frantic racing action in SUP Multiplayer Racing! Pull off a bizarre bank heist in Goat Simulator Payday! And we look at the top Fidget Spinner games on the Google Play Store.

There are thousands and thousands of games available in the Google Play Store, with more being added every month. With so much content hitting the app store, it can be damn near impossible to keep up with all the latest releases and determine which games are worth your time.

Here at Android Central, we want to help. We’ll be using this space to let you know about the latest gaming releases for Android that we think deserve your attention. We’ll be checking in and updating this page weekly as new games are released, so refresh often!

SUP Multiplayer Racing

There are a lot of really good racing games on Android, but SUP Multiplayer Racing delivers something fresh and new to the genre.

Race against 3 opponents from around the world on custom-made tracks by other players. Drag race down the strip battling for lanes and collecting coins and nitro power-ups. Despite the free-to-play mechanics (which are really fair and balanced), this game is a breath of fresh air.

It’s surprisingly packed with features, letting you customize and upgrade your car, create your own custom tracks with the level editor, and even wager your gems on yourself. Each car has their own special power up and advantages, and it makes for a surprisingly competitive and combative gaming experience.

Download: SUP Multiplayer Racing (Free w/IAPs)

Goat Simulator Payday

Goat Simulator is a ridiculous concept for a game as it is. Combining Goat Simulator with the bank heist stylings of PayDay is just… bizarre and amazing.

The Goat Simulator franchise is supposed to feel partially incomplete, with just weird controls and buggy gameplay — but all that considered, this latest spin-off for Android is actually pretty fun to mess around in. You’re able to switch between four playable characters — the titular goat, a camel, a flamingo, and a dolphin in a wheelchair… because how is it supposed to get around out of the water, right?

It’s just a wacky sandbox game with a few prank and/or heist-related missions to do for the times you’re not just running around as a goat causing mayhem.

Download: Goat Simulator Payday ($4.99)

Fidget Spinner games

If you’ve checked the Google Play Store app charts lately, you will have noticed not one, but two Fidget Spinner games near the top of the charts. Yes, the toy that claims to help fidgety kids stay focused (with no scientific research to back up said claim, mind you) now has several smartphone app equivalents.

Why? Who cares why! It’s 2017 and Fidget Spinners are the thing. So how does Fidget Spinning translate to a mobile game? In the name of science, I tried out the top two apps — Fidget Spinner by Ketchapp and Fidget Spinner by Words Mobile.

Both games basically function around the same mechanic: swipe to start spinning the spinner and see how long it spins for. Absolutely riveting. However, it is worth noting that Fidget Spinner by Words Mobile is clearly the superior Spinner app. It features multiple game modes and is as fun as mindlessly swiping your phone can be.

Download: Fidget Spinner (Free w/IAPs)

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