Purported iPhone 8 front and real panels pictured, reveal a bezel-less front design

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 is expected to be the company’s first smartphone to feature a near “bezel-less” display. Alleged images showing the front and rear panels of the iPhone 8 have emerged online today, revealing the same rumored design theme. The images have been shared online by a redditor who claims to have received them from “a friend in the industry”.

As can be seen in the image above, the iPhone 8 features very minimal bezels on all sides. The bottom bezel is near non-existent as well, something that we haven’t seen yet. On the top, the screen almost reaches all the way to the corner, except for a cutout for the front-facing camera and the earpiece. At the rear, we see a cutout for the dual-camera setup. It is quite obvious from the image that Apple is going with a vertical arrangement for the two sensors this time, instead of the horizontal layout seen in the iPhone 7 Plus. What is interesting, is that there is no Touch ID fingerprint sensor at the back either. This suggests Apple could be using an under-glass fingerprint sensor, just as rumored.


In addition to the iPhone 8 front and rear panels, we also see the rear panels for the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. As far as the design is concerned, we don’t see too many changes compared to the current model. However, the rear panels are made out of glass and not aluminum. This suggests all the 2017 iPhone models will feature a glass back, allowing them to offer wireless charging functionality. Just like last year’s models, the iPhone 7s will only feature a single iSight camera at the back, while the bigger iPhone 7s Plus is going to be equipped with a dual-camera setup. While the front panels aren’t shown in the image, we don’t expect any significant changes on the front either.


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