POTUS Trump Holds First Full Cabinet Meeting: Democrats Are ‘Obstructionists’ (VIDEOS)

Washington D.C. – President Trump met with his full cabinet for the first time today. He spoke about his progress so far helping Americans get back to work as well as his progress defeating Islamic terrorism.

POTUS Trump didn’t hold back and ripped the Democrats, calling them ‘obstructionists’.

In part 1 of 2 video clips of POTUS Trump’s meeting, he spoke about putting Americans back to work and how small businesses are optimistic and hiring employees. Trump also said that he is working to stop the funding of terrorism, ‘starve the beast’.

In part 2 of 2, POTUS Trump brought up his healthcare bill and ripped Democrats, calling them ‘obstructionists’. He also accused Democrats of playing ‘political games’. POTUS Trump also spoke about huge tax cuts for Americans, cutting wasteful spending in D.C., and taking care of Veterans.


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