Plex Gets Live TV Time-Shifting Feature, Extends Support for Apple TV and Android


Plex is known for its home media center application, one that lets its users access media accross the Plex server. Plex has now announced a new time-shifting feature and will be extending the platform for Apple TV and Android as well. As one might have guessed by now the Time-shifting feature is the ability to pause Live TV, forward or even rewind your favourite show.


To be honest the Plex is a modern version of your set top box and the Flex Pass with premium features can be had for as little as $4.99/month. In Essence, the Plex blends in Sling TV, DirecTV, Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV along with the usual Live TV Channels that are broadcasted over the air. This is achieved by employing an HD antenna that is supported by Flex. After the tuner, antenna and Plex software are set, the users can stream Live TV from the app and also record their favourite show.

The Live TV is free for current Flex subscribers and a lifetime license would cost $119.99. The Plex Live TV is aimed at helping cord cutters access the free to air channels without coughing up for pricey cable TV subscriptions. Since lately much to the cord cutters dismay they have not been able to abandon the TV broadcasts completely as they still need to watch some of the live channels, this is where Plex’s latest Live TV jumps in.

The latest version of the Plex works with nearly all the major platforms including iOS, Android, Android TV, Apple TV and also the Web. Plex is apparently working to bring a similar set of features to Fire TV, Roku and also other Smart TVs. However, Plex would be using the Plex media servers to access the Live TV on your smartphones and other portable devices. It’s interesting how services like Plex are plugging the gap between the cord cutters and over the air TV channels. The Plex Media Server is already being used by a 13-Million customer and the addition of Live TV is aimed at further enhancing the experience.

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