Open Letter to Senate Press Gallery Executive Committee

As TGP previously reported, Monday, June 12th 2017, The Gateway Pundit’s founder and EIC Jim Hoft along with D.C. Correspondent Lucian Wintrich and Media and Ethics Lawyer, Charles Glasser, counsel to Gateway Pundit, would be stating our case to the Committee, and discussing the First Amendment implications and the necessity for other voices in the room – voices that aren’t financed by special interests – but voices that are a specific and genuine reflection of the voices of America and every day Americans.

The Senate Press Gallery Executive Committee held up their initial decision to reject The Gateway Pundit’s access to the Senate Gallery. The Committee also surprised TGP with two objections on Monday which were not previously listed in their initial refusal letter, one of which included pointing to a single word in Jim Hoft’s Twitter bio: the word ‘activist’.

Even more egregious, after leading us to believe this was an objective and open ruling, they leaked their decision to liberal outlets.

Below is an open letter provided by Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Jim Hoft.

As this letter clearly states, ‘This is not the last they’ll see of us’.



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