Now ThereUS Capitol Officials SHUT DOWN Media Cameras in Hallway

Government officials shut down reporters in the US Capitol hallways.

This morning, the mainstream media was in an uproar over alleged restrictions on reporters who wonder the halls of the Capital looking for interviews. Journalist Kasie Hunt was quick to express her outrage on Twitter in a string of rambling Tweets:

Other liberal journalists were quick to chime in:

The ACLU was quick to take the side of these reports and issued the following statement:

Preventing the press from informing the public about the workings of their own government goes against the core values of our democracy. For decades, the Capitol building has been open for recorded interviews, which provide a critical window into the legislative process.

The hyserical media had to walk back their reports on press restrictions later in the day after it was revealed that the entire controversy was made up.

But reporters were shut down in the halls of Congress on Monday.

Reporters filming outside the Senate Periodical Press Gallery were shut down during The Gateway Pundit’s hearing on Monday.

The media members of the Senate Press Gallery did not want cameras in the room.
And government officials kicked them out of the hallway.

Here’s video of US Capitol officials:


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