Non-Search Features of Google that will Make Your Life Easier

Google search has been around for almost two decades now. It has grown to sustain newer, smarter technologies and has extended its reach to billions of devices. Over these years, the search engine leader also added a slew of features, most of which are designed to improve the results you see. However, there are some relatively lesser known non-search ones which are capable of making your life a tad bit more convenient. Let’s take a look.



You might have configured reminders through the Google app on your phone. However, in case you’re on the desktop and want to add a reminder, you can simply type in the phrase in the search bar and do so. For instance, search for “remind me to buy eggs at 8 PM” and Google will pull up the dedicated interface. In addition to that, it allows you to setup location-based reminders as well and have them sync with your phone.

Timer and Stopwatch

Similarly, Google search has little built in apps for setting up timers and stopwatch as well. All you need to do is search for them. There’s also an option for going full screen while these are in session and for the timer, you can even mute the sound if you’d like.

Flight Rate Alerts


Google has been recently continuously adding features to become a one-stop shop for potential tourists. One of these were flight rate alerts. What this means essentially is that the search engine notifies you when prices for a flight are expected to go uphill. Furthermore, the web app will show how much precisely you’ll save at the moment and in case you haven’t selected a specific time period, Google will intuitively recommend those based on when can you get the cheapest. There’s also a new notification bar which will display tips such as if you modify the dates by a day, you can save “X amount or book alternate airports in the city” to get a discount. Lastly, you can enable a switch if you would like to receive emails from Google for tracking prices. For accessing this, you just need to head over to Google Flights and search for a flight normally.

Color Picker

Another nifty little utility Google search embeds in a color picker. Designed primarily for developers, its only purpose is to evaluate a hash value for a particular value. Moreover, tapping the “show color values” can also be used for revealing more detailed information about the color you’ve selected.


Google search also packs a virtual metronome. In case you’re unaware what that actually is – Metronome is a tool that simulates an audible beat at regular intervals that the user can set in beats per minute (BPM). Just search for “Metronome” and the respective app will load.

Access Personal Data


One of the biggest perks of being enrolled in Google’s ecosystem of online services is how seamlessly they’re integrated. Google search is no exception and therefore, can be used as a centralized lookup for all your data on Google servers. For instance, you can search “show me my photos from Singapore” and it will pull the appropriate results from Google Photos. You can also search for contacts, emails and more.

Bubble Level

Additionally, you can search for bubble level in case you need to align something. However, as you’d expect, this will only work on your smartphone, not the desktop as it requires a bunch of sensors for accuracy.

Find My Phone

If you’re someone who constantly misplaces his/her smartphone, the “find my phone” query can be of great help. For this, you’ll obviously need Google’s “Find My Phone” app configured and location turned on. Then, you can search “find my phone” and Google will bring up a map along with a few other actions like “ring” and “recover”. Much simpler phone tracking utility, isn’t it?



Next up is something TV fans will truly appreciate. Google has a native interface for browsing episodes of a particular show. Just type in the name + “episodes” and the list will appear. Clicking on an individual card will take you to its details if available.

That’s it for this article. Let us know in the comments section if we missed a good feature.

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