Nokia 3310 with 4G Support and YunOS Spotted on TENAA


Nokia cashed on nostalgia with their iconic 3310 feature phone. Backed by HMD Global, Nokia now has an entire lineup of Android devices and they also relaunched the Nokia 3310 at MWC last year. Despite being a feature phone, Nokia decided to offer a color display and some new features as opposed to its ancestor. Later on, Nokia also added 3G radio to the 3310 and introduced the same in Germany.


Meanwhile, we have been hearing quite a lot about a Nokia feature codenamed TA-1077. Now it turns out that the model number actually refers to a 4G version of the Nokia 3310. The upcoming phone has appeared on the TENAA certification along with sample images of the test device. As expected the device is cosmetically identical to the Nokia 3310.


The most surprising part is not that Nokia is going to add 4G to the 3310, it is the news that Nokia is going to choose YunOS for the 3310 4G. YunOS is an operating system developed by Alibaba and is based on the Android Open Source Project. As per Alibaba, more than 157 million devices are running on YunOS. That’s not all, the Alibaba’s YunOS overtook iOS as the second biggest operating system in China.


The YunOS is specifically designed with IoT devices in mind. However, the OS boasts of high compatibility and scalability. The operating system can be employed for a diversified range of applications including smartphones, cars, smart TV’s and also other wearables.

The current Nokia 3310 comes baked with the uber-popular Snake game and will run on Nokia Series 30+ software. The display on the Nokia 3310 has moved on from monochromatic to a 2.4-inch QVGA. Well, Nokia has after all decided to add in a few novelties to the classic including the microSD card and a 2-Megapixel primary camera.

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