MSI introduces the microATX X299M Gaming Pro Carbon AC motherboard

MSI, one of the world’s leading motherboard manufacturers, has introduced a powerful new microATX motherboard that it claims is the world’s fastest. Dubbed the X299M Gaming Pro Carbon AC, the new motherboard is based on the Intel X299 chipset and supports the upcoming 12-, 14-, 16-, and 18-core Intel Core X-series processors. So if you are planning on building a high-performance gaming PC using the latest Intel Core X-series processors but don’t wish to use an ATX form-factor motherboard, the new MSI motherboard could be the one for you. Despite being much smaller, it still offers most of the key features that the X299 Gaming Pro Carbon AC offers. In fact, the design of the mATX motherboard too is largely similar to its big brother.

The motherboard comes equipped with a 16GB Intel Optane memory device, allowing for short boot times and faster application launch times. It includes TWIN Turbo M.2 slots as well with PCI-E Gen3 x4 performance. The patented M.2 Shield v2 keeps your M.2 devices safe and cool, preventing any sort of thermal throttling. Provided your case supports it, the motherboard offers support for USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C on the front USB panel. The ASMedia ASM2142 USB 3.1 controller features Lightning USB 3.1 Gen 2 with higher performance as well as energy efficiency.

For overclockers, the board is built on a DigitALL power design with a 10 phase DrMOS PWM (8 + 1 + 1), loadline calibration and Turbo Socket. As for bling, the X299M Gaming Pro Carbon AC comes with Mystic Light RGB LED illumination on the cover, around the edges, and in the Audio Line. You get over 16 million colors and 17 LED effects to choose from, along with virtually limitless personalization options. It can also control additional RGB strips and other RGB peripherals with the Mystic Light Extension and Sync features. The motherboard comes equipped with an exchangeable IO over and X-MOUNTING accessories to support 3D printing and modding. Rest of the highlights include Audio Boost 4, dedicated VR BOOST chip for improved VR signal strength and reduced motion sickness, 2x GAMING LAN powered by Intel and Intel Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity.


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