Mozilla Firefox 59 Arrives with Better Private Browsing and a Feature to Block Website Notifications


Mozilla has released the Firefox 59 browser for PC, Mac and Android Devices. The Firefox 58 was a milestone since it was the first version to be based on the much-lauded Quantum Engine. The Firefox 59 carries over the best parts of the previous version and offers additional performance, privacy and security update features.


Better control over user information

The Firefox 59 comes aims at reducing how much user information is passed to the websites. The updated browser improves the privacy for its private browsing mode and also removes path information to put a stop on cross-site tracking, a method of tracking that is often abused by advertisers.


Enhanced Security options

Firefox 59 offers new security features that will stop pesky websites that keep on asking for your permission to use the camera, mic, and even location details. Users can blacklist such websites and also have an option to whitelist the websites they trust.

Performance Improvements and UI changes

Performance has been at the forefront since the Quantum update and Firefox has done due diligence when it comes to the latest update. The browser will now make use of network cache or local cache to improve page load speeds. This is expected to enhance graphics rendering.

The Firefox 59 will allow the users to drag and drop the Top sites on the Home page and will also allow users to add annotations and doodle over the saved screenshots. Mozilla has also accommodated the pages in such a way that they offer more control over calls and this is achieved by using improved Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities. Mozilla has now added the Firefox as an assist app on the Android so that users can fire up a search by long-pressing the home button. Lastly, the browser gets support for HTTP live Streaming Playback. Ever-since Mozilla has introduced the Firefox Quantum it is witnessing an increase in installs by Chrome users. Firefox may end up giving a tough fight against the Chrome browser considering that the former sticks to timely updates that are utilitarian in nature.

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