Lenovo shows off a flexible laptop concept

At an event held in New York City, Lenovo showcased a laptop concept that showed off Lenovo’s vision of future personal computing. The image of the concept laptop shown at the event revealed a flexible display that extends all the way down towards the keyboard. The futuristic design will be made possible using some “advanced materials” and “new screen technologies”. Sadly, Lenovo did not provide any more details regarding the materials or the screen technology.

Flexible displays are quite obviously nothing new, we have been seeing flexible panel prototypes at major tech shows since the past few years. However, not many have shown off concept laptops with flexible screens. Samsung had filed a patent in 2015 for a compact notebook with a flexible display, but we haven’t heard of any new development since then. LG had shown off an 18-inch rollable display at CES last year. Although not exactly meant for notebooks, it could be possible that LG will be rolling out similar panels in smaller sizes for notebooks as well.

The concept laptop seems to have an in-built assistant of sorts as well, allowing you to speak to it. However, it isn’t clear what tasks users will be able to get done by speaking to the laptop. Since the company did not even have a design prototype ready at the event, the concept itself seems to be at a very early stage. Even if the concept does eventually turn into an actual product, it will take at least a few more years.

For now, though, you can look forward to foldable smartphones from manufacturers such as Samsung. Some rumors suggest the first Samsung foldable smartphone prototypes will be showcased later this year, while commercial availability is slated for sometime next year.

Are you looking forward to flexible displays?

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