It’s Official! PS4 Game Trailers That Are Released This 2017

SC, Life Is StrangeSC, Life Is Strange

There are various of promising headlines of PS4 Games that are to be released this 2017. And as for those patient gamers waiting for a sequel for multiple desired games, we simply can’t wait of what’s to come! With this, read on the following for the 2017 video games, and you might find play one of your awaited games on your list.

Before The Storm: Life is Strange


YT Source: outsidexbox

The Season 1 of Life Is Strange had a big hit. The gameplay made a positive feedback in majority. It’s breathtaking and takes the gamer into a whole new level of making decisions.

With this, for LIS gamers, Before The Storm is something we’ll be definitely expecting. The trailer reveals a scenario between Chloe and Rachel. This game play may reveal the reason behind Chloe’s character, or perhaps, the reason why the curse have started? Who knows, we’ll be able to play it on its release date: Aug 31, 2017. Let us ready our seat belts on another ride of roller coaster of emotions.

Kingdom Hearts 3


YT Source: IGN

Nothing excites us more than a new game release that brings back our childhood. Let us play another upcoming Kingdom Hearts sequel that would impress us with whole new unexpected stories. The trailer shows massive bosses and various combats.

There have been levels that we quite haven’t seen before, there are next bit of information that the trailer revealed. Indeed, Square Enix revealed a brand new trailer we have all been waiting for. Although according to the developer Tetsuya Nomura, the game won’t be available before the end of the year. Setting that aside, we’ve seen the trailer, and that’s enough for our hype!

Tekken 7


YT Source: Bandai Namco Entertainment America

In case you haven’t heard, PS4 TEKKEN 7 is now available. It’s time to bring on your skills and multiplayer fight with your friends. Play as some of the various new characters with their distinctive personalities and fighting styles. Tekken has never failed us with their unique characters and style of gameplay. For more, check out the premier 3D fighting game.

The trailer boasts about its good integrated graphics. Reviews for the games are positive in the majority, and most players compliment on how it is so optimized for PC. If you’ve been a TEKKEN fan since forever, this brand new TEKKEN 7 will certainly won’t disappoint.

Resident Evil 7


YT Source: GameTrailers

For resident evil fans, your game is finally here. Explore through the dirty and rotting walls of the abandoned southern farmhouse. Survive the gameplay as a first-person perspective. The trailer reveals an enhanced graphics having to reach a photo-realism which is definitely incredible. Expect the game as disturbing, jump scares, and your rapid heartbeat . . .

Call of Duty: WWII Reveal Trailer


YT Source: Call of Duty

WWII has now been confirmed. Experience the ultimate boots-on-ground combat, fast-paced through locations in the European Theater. As a gamer, you’ll be playing through the story of our ordinary men that had turned soldiers in the 1st Infantry Division. Fight for freedom and preserve peace in the face of tyranny.

For Call of Duty fan games, never miss out on this one! You can now pre-order that is available on digital download and on-disc. Keep in mind to secure your code for your Private Beta.

God of War Gameplay


YT Source: Playstation

From one of the most popular games, God of War – Be A Warrior is what we’ve been waiting for on our list. As according to director Cory Barlog and Santa Monica Studio, it’s a new beginning. Kratos must adapt to unexpected threats, unfamiliar lands, and to be a father. With his son named Atreus, both of them will venture and lead a journey into the brutal Norse wilds and fulfill various personal quests. As we have seen in the trailer, it boasts an enhanced and amazingly realistic graphics, an unexpected turn of events, and amazing battles.

Uncharted The Lost Legacy Story


YT Source: Playstation

Raise your hand if you’re excited with this awesome looking brand new UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy. Play along and ride a new adventure that only Naughty Dog can offer. Find the ancient Indian artifact and lead Nadine Ross and Chloe Frazer into the deep Western Ghats mountains. As you explore, discover the beauty in the cities of Hoysala Empire. Let us not forget to mention our battles with Asav, the ruthless warmonger.

The trailer reveals various of new events and enhanced graphics. If you have been an UNCHARTED gamer fan for a long time, this brand new all-new story gameplay won’t disappoint.

Marvel’s Spider-Man


YT Source: Playstation EU

If you’re a comic Marvel fan or a movie Marvel fan, you’ll definitely love this PS4 Marvel Spider-Man video game. Play as one of the most iconic heroes throughout the years and explore its acrobatic abilities, web slinging, wall crawling, and other elements that never seen before. As expected, the trailer shows a stunning graphics and highly detailed movements.

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