iPhone 8 may support 4K video capture at 60fps, suggests HomePod firmware

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 is probably the most eagerly anticipated flagship smartphone of the year. Based on all the leaks so far, the smartphone will be an impressive beast and might end up being one of the most impressive iPhones ever. A new leak has surfaced on the web today, shedding some light on the video capabilities of the front and rear cameras on the iPhone 8. When going through the unreleased HomePod firmware, the folks over at iHelp discovered that the iPhone 8 rear camera will support 4K video capture at 60 frames per second.

Surprisingly, there is a similar code for the front-facing camera as well, suggesting the iPhone 8 selfie camera will also capture 4K resolution videos with a 60fps frame rate. Selfie cameras on most smartphone, including flagships, are restricted to 1080p as the maximum video capture resolution. While a few smartphones such as Samsung flagships can capture up to 1440p videos from the front-facing camera, no manufacturer has launched a smartphone that captures 4K videos from both the rear as well as front-facing camera.

In 2015, a similar “discovery” made while going through the iOS 9 code had revealed that the iPhone 6s duo would gain a front-facing flash feature. However, the code had also suggested that the FaceTime camera would gain 240fps 720p HD slow-mo capture support, which did not actually happen. Which is why, we suggest taking the above bit of information with a pinch or two of salt. While we do believe Apple can pull off 4K 60FPS support for the rear camera, we aren’t convinced that the iPhone 8 FaceTime camera will be advanced enough to offer the same. Regardless of the video capabilities, the iPhone 8 will still be one of the most impressive smartphones of 2017, thanks to a near bezel-less front and a number of other “firsts”. It will be Apple’s first iPhone with an OLED display, wireless charging support, and a new facial recognition tech.

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