HTC shows off some upcoming Edge Sense features for the U11 in new video

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC is soon going to roll out an update with some new Edge Sense features for its flagship U11 smartphone. While there are quite a few days left for the update to begin rolling out to users, HTC has shared a new video on YouTube, revealing some of the new features that will be added to Edge Sense on the U11.

When using Google Maps, you will be able to zoom in simply by squeezing the phone. When you squeeze once again, the map will restore to the actual size. You will be able do the same thing with other Google apps such as Google Photos. Moving on, we can see in the video that HTC has added some new Edge Sense functionality to its Calendar app as well. Squeezing on the side of the phone once will show you the weekly as well as monthly listings in the app.

While we’re not sure if many people will actually make use of it, HTC will allow users to answer a phone call by squeezing the phone when it is ringing. To hang up, you will simply have to squeeze once again.  Squeezing the U11 will also let you dismiss an alarm or pause a YouTube video.

HTC has so far not shared a specific timeframe for regarding the rollout of the new Edge Sense features for the U11. However, since the company has uploaded a video demonstrating some of the upcoming features, we think it is very much likely that the update will arrive within the next few weeks’ time.

As a reminder, the HTC U11 was launched in India earlier this month at Rs.51,990. The variant being sold in India comes with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of built-in storage. Rest of the specs remain identical to the 4GB RAM variant sold in a few other markets.


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