How to Track Your Xiaomi Phone’s Repair Status Online

Xiaomi has been consistently upping its customer service quality as it continues to dethrone existing leaders and establish a pole position in India. Earlier this year, Xiaomi added a way to book an online appointment for getting the devices serviced right from the Mi Store app.

The Chinese company has now added yet another nifty feature to its website which lets owners track their phone’s repair status. Here’s how to use it.


Track Xiaomi Phone Repair Status Online

The process itself is quite straightforward, although it does require an active number.

  • To get started, head over to Xiaomi’s official device repair portal. You need one of these five details for viewing the status — your contact number, order number if you had purchased it on Xiaomi’s platform itself, service number, IMEI number, or Serial Number
  • Once you input any of them in the first field, hit ‘confirm’ which will send you a one-time password on your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the received code and click the big red ‘Submit’ button.
  • The website will redirect you to your phone’s repair page where you will be able to view a bunch of information such as ‘Order Status’, ‘Service Type’, ‘Service Center’ code, ‘Service Center Contact No.’ and more.


The ‘Order Status’ is what you are interested in the most. There are a few terms you should familiarize like ‘Ready for Delivery’ which means you can go pick it up from the center, ‘Work in Progress’ which means your phone is being repaired at the moment, and ‘Under Inspection’ which means the folks at Xiaomi are still figuring out what’s wrong with it.

Xiaomi says the status is updated every day eliminating the need for the cumbersome task of calling up the service center and waiting for a callback. The feature is certainly isn’t something we haven’t seen before, however, considering Xiaomi’s customer base, it is bound to please a ton of troubled users. It’s obvious why Xiaomi has not gone with the ‘app’ way of dealing this, but it’s still a bit tedious as it involves receiving and confirming an OTP which means users MUST have a spare phone handy to accomplish this.


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