How to Remove icon frames on Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus

Are you a Samsung Galaxy S8 user? And you want to customize icon frames (white background). Here we show you how remove / toggle icon background frames in the Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 plus.

During these days we are analyzing the Samsung Galaxy S8 very thoroughly. We explained what we thought of it, when it was introduced in London. Now we are going to break down each of its components and tell you how they work.

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Before go deep into the software, explaining how to do some things that are either new or modifications in the Samsung Galaxy S8. It look quite messy white Frames lap around the icon’s outside. So lets see how to disable the white background frame with the native options.

Remove / Toggle icon frames on Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus

Today we tell you how to remove the frames to some icons that appear on your home screen and app drawer.


1. S8 and S8 plus has options to disable this feature; For this you have to go to the “settings” Once you are in the Settings.

2. Now tap on “Display option“.

3. Click on the “Icon Frames option“.

4. Now  you have to choose “Only icons“.

5. Click on Done. That’s it guys, you are done now go back to your home screen to check the icon styles.

As you can see if the frames are active some icons like Twitter or Trello appear rounded but, filled. Others like Chrome, Spotify, gmail, etc appear with an ugly white frame. In native apps like the camera or the gallery there are no changes, as in other apps like Instagram.

If we deactivate the frames, It will let each icon to occupy the space you consider, although they all not have the same shape, as seen in WhatsApp, Twitter or Feedly.How to Remove icon frames on Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus

Obviously doing it is really simple and we leave it to your choice to use one style or another.

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