How to Pair Plantronics Backbeat Fit with a Mac

Some users are experiencing problems pairing Plantronics Backbeat Fid and MacBook Pro. They are reporting that the MacBook doesn’t discover the headset even if the Bluetooth on both devices is on. Updating the headset firmware doesn’t help. If you have this pairing problem here is how can you fix it.

Step #1: How to Pair Plantronics Backbeat Fit with Macbook

First, you need to pop the headset in pairing mode, and then discover it from your Macbook. Here is how to do that.

  1. Make sure your Plantronics Backbeat Fit is turned off. (Turn it off it isn’t).
  2. Open Bluetooth settings on your Mac (System Preferences > Bluetooth).
  3. Click on the + button in the bottom left corner of the Bluetooth window.
  4. Now, Press and hold the power button of the Plantronics Breakbeat Pro headset (Do not release it). Keep it pressed (5 – 10 seconds) until the LED indicator on the headset starts blinking red and blue, or you hear it says “Pairing.” Once it starts flashing, release the button.
  5. Now, the headset should appear in the list of Bluetooth devices on your Mac. (You will see something like this 00-0b-01-00-22. That is your headset’s Bluetooth address.)
  6. Once the headset appears on your Mac, click on Continue.
  7. Next, you will see a Conclusion window telling you that your computer is now set up to use your headset. That means your headset is connected.

If you turned the headset on and it didn’t enter the pairing mode, turn it off and start the pairing procedure from the beginning.

Note: The only way to enter the paring mode is to press and hold the power button while the headset is turned off.

Step #2: Try Pairing Plantronics Backbeat Fit with Another Device

If the previous step didn’t help in connecting the headset to your Macbook, make sure you have a working headset, by pairing it with your smartphone, or tablet.

If you have successfully paired Plantronics Backbeat Fit with any other device, it means that the headset is working fine. Now, make sure you have a working Bluetooth on your Mac.

If you cannot connect Plantronics Backbeat Fit to any other device, make sure you check its warranty and contact the seller.


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