How to Get Mario on Google Maps


March 10 was Mario Day (“Mar10 = Mario”, see!), and to mark this Nintendo has tied up with Google to offer what it calls Mario Time on its Google Maps app. Use the feature and your location on Google Maps will turn into a Mario icon. No, there will be no racing or stunts, but hey, it is kind of cool. The feature is available on Google Maps on both iOS and Android and is expected to be around for a week. Getting Mario on Google Maps is simple. Just follow these steps: (we are giving the steps on an Android device, but they are largely similar for iOS, barring a few box placements)

    1. Start Google Maps (Duh!), and make sure you have the latest version.
    2. Head straight to the search box on the top of the display and type a destination.


    1. On the base of the display, tap on the “Directions” box.


    1. The app will now show you different options on how to get to your destination. Opt for the car one – the one on the extreme left of the display just below the name of the destination.


    1. That selected, you will see a question mark in a box appear next to the ‘Star’ box at the base of the screen. Tap the question mark.
    2. And you are in the Mario zone. Almost. The “Oh yeah! Mario time!” box pops up with the typical Mario tune. You can opt to not let Mario show you the way (why are you reading this, then?) or hit “Let’s-A Go”


    1. You are ready to go. Google Maps will show you the route to follow and rather than being marked by a dot, your location will now be marked by Mario in his cart! You can revolve the map around to get a better look at him. He will move as you move!


    1. Go. And for God’s sake, do NOT be distracted by the sight of Mario chugging along on that cart.


Get Google Maps for iOS from here and for Android from here


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