How to Get Free Wi-Fi Anytime, Anywhere

Are you wondering how to get free wifi anywhere when you are not at home. Here we bring you the solution.

Its easy to explain why mobile data is a simple substitute that is used only in emergencies. Because data subscription packages are cost much. Today there are Wi-Fi hotspots almost everywhere. From large operators such as Vodafone , AT&T, offers free WiFi hotspots on town halls, universities, bars or networks of users who share WiFi in many places you can find a free internet access. All you need is an app that will help you find the available network access nearby.

WiFi Hacking apps for Android 2017.

These apps are totally legal (its not about getting the neighbor’s WiFi password that is illegal) and are based on updated databases thanks to the input of their community of registered users. The offer of points will depend on where you are and some of the hotspot may need a key that is not always public.

How do i Find free WiFi near me?

There are several apps available to list out the all available public Wi-Fi hotspots that near you. (At mall, Library, Bars, Bus stop).

1. WiFi Map

WiFi Map has an intelligent notification system that notifies you of new Wi-Fi connections. The community of this app is very extensive, so finding an access point with its corresponding password is usually easy. WiFi Map has points even for private connections whose owners have shared their password with the community, although the vast majority are usually establishments such as hotels or bars.

It has a direct option to share the password of the network to which you connect, so that other users can use the same WiFi hotspot. WiFi Map allows you to download a map of each city and obtain information from each access point in the area, including offline.

WiFi Map — Free Passwords (Free+, Google Play) →

2. Swift WiFi

Swift WiFi one of the best free wifi hotspot app also works similar to WiFi Map. Its based on public WiFi networks that its own users share. It’s a global app and in some cities in the world is quite popular. With this app you can save the roaming data on your next trip. free wifi near me map

best free wifi hotspot app

WiFi in many cities around the world. / © TechinDroid

Swift WiFi:Global WiFi Sharing (Free, Google Play) →

3. Free WIFI

Another community of WiFis free sharing with more than 60,000,000 WiFi networks worldwide. It also has Offline maps so you can search for internet access without having to be connected and spend data. You also have an app for Android Wear.

Free WiFi – Wiman (Free, Google Play) →

4. Instabridge: save some data

Instabridge is a alert to send you notifications as you move around to indicate free wifi networks that near you according to the app database. Its possible to configure the destination of new access points, so the app can work offline and take you to the world of those connected to a Wi-Fi point.

How do i Find free WiFi near me?

The app shows you pictures of the establishment so you do not get bored. / © TechinDroid

As in the previous app, the app feeds on your community to offer you the WiFi networks around you, which consists of 3 million people, so you’ll hardly be left offline. When you start Instabridge, the map shows the closest Wi-Fi point, and by scrolling the screen you can see a list with many more connections available in proximity order. In this application most connections you find will be public, but you will also find some private.

Instabridge – Free WiFi (Free, Google Play) →

5. WiFi Finder

When you start the app you will see a naval-style scanner that probes the Wi-Fi world to find the free wifi around you, dear internet surfer. Don’t drown in a sea of ​​data that you’ll end up paying when you can access a free Wi-Fi network.

free wifi passwords

It looks like a game but, it’s a pretty powerful tool. / © TechinDroid

The map highlights points in two colors to point out the free and paid Wi-Fi connections. Each access point in the list contains a table with basic information such as passwords, type of location (bar, library, etc.) and signal strength. You can add some points as favorites so that your terminal memorizes the connection.

WiFi Finder (Free, Google Play) →

I hope this apps are let you use free internet anytime, anywhere in 2017. Do you use this type of apps a lot? Are there any that are not on the list that you want to recommend us?


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