How to Fix Galaxy S6 & S7 Battery Draining issues After update

We explain a simple trick that can solve this battery draining problem on Samsung S6, S7 including edge varients. And extend your galaxy smartphone’s battery life.

Did you note that your Samsung galaxy S7 edge battery draining fast after done software update?. The updates are good news, at least in general: they bring news to the mobile and incidentally, they improve their security and that of the user. But, always they don’t come problem free, like the one we highlight today and that has happened to us personally: draining the battery in the Samsung Galaxy after an upgrade.

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We have suffered on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with one of the latest updates after already being on Android 7 Nougat . The symptoms are clear: Exaggerated battery expenditure that doesn’t correspond to any particular app. Has it happened to you too? Don’t have to worry, the solution can be as simple as the one we teach you. Fix battery life galaxy s7 edge

[Fix] Format the Cache partition from the Recovery menu

Here is the steps to Troubleshoot battery draining issues after updating your Samsung Galaxy.

Cache partition:

The cache partition may be out of state after an update causing the system to consume resources excessively due to poor configuration. It’s not usually necessary to perform a format or wipe with stock updates but, its solves battery issues when abnormal consumption occurs in these situations. Its not only for Samsung S7 edge, This fix will work on J7, J5, C5 and other devices.

How to Wipe the Cache partition S7 Edge

Update your Samsung without losing warranty even if the update is not in your country
To proceed with this formatting or “wipe” you need to do the following:

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1. Turn off your phone completely.

2. Turn it on by pressing “Volume Up + Home Button + Power Button“.

3. Wait for the Recovery menu to load, a header listing with an “Android Recovery“.

4. Check the “Wipe cache partition” option using the volume buttons. Make sure it’s that option.How to Wipe the Cache partition S7 Edge

5. Use the Power button to accept. Your Samsung Galaxy will execute deletion of the cache partition.

6. Check the “Reboot system now” option and accept with the power button. Your phone will reboot normally.

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Once formatted the cache partition your mobile will run with the normal battery consumption. This doesn’t pose a risk to the apps, the mobile or the warranty is violated: your Samsung Galaxy will remain intact. And its also valid for other mobiles, the steps should be more or less the same.


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