How to Fix Error 80070057 on Taken King Legendary Edition (Destiny)

Taken King Legendary Edition is an expansion for Destiny video game and people who tried to download it digitally have stumbled upon this issue plenty of times which actually forced Bungie and Xbox to solve the issue. The reason Xbox got involved is because the error appeared almost exclusively on Xbox 360 after users started the digital download.

The error was later acknowledged but there are still a couple of possible solutions since the Microsoft’s official method didn’t quite work for everyone. That is why it’s recommended to try out plenty of solutions below before giving up on the problem.

Solution 1: Official Solution by Microsoft

The official response for this problem was sorted out by Bungie and Microsoft and was posted to the official forum regarding the Taken King Legendary Edition expansion and users were quite happy to see these news as this resolved a large part of their problem and they were able to download the game properly.

The process consists of several simple steps and it’s vital to perform them properly in the right order so proceed and follow the instructions.

  1. Press the Guide button on your Xbox 360 controller, navigate to Settings, and select System Settings.
  2. Select Storage and highlight the storage device without pressing it. Press the Y button on your respective controller to open Device options.
  1. It doesn’t matter which storage device you choose since this clears the cache for all storage devices.
  2. On the Device Options screen, select the Clear System Cache option and select yes when you are prompted to confirm the choice you made to maintain your storage device.

When you’ve successfully cleared the system cache on your Xbox 360, you’ll return to the Storage Devices window. You can then press the Guide button on your controller and return to Xbox Home and proceed with the rest of this solution.

The next step is to restore licenses on your console which can be done by following the instructions below. The steps for this are somewhat different on Xbox 360 than they are on new next-gen consoles but the meaning is the same.

  1. On your console, sign in to Xbox Live using the account that you used to purchase Destiny.
  2. Press the Guide button on your Xbox 360 controller, navigate to Settings, and select Account.

  1. Under Your Billing Options, click on License Transfer and follow the instructions which will appear on screen to transfer the content licenses.
  2. After you transfer the licenses, they will be restored to their previous state and the option is equivalent to the Restore Licenses option on new consoles.

After you have performed the steps above it’s time launch the application your purchased (the extension) by navigating to Xbox Dashboard >> Games >> My Games >> Launch. Once the installing process has finished completely and you have downloaded the expansion properly, relaunch Destiny and you should be able to start the game properly.

Solution 2: Accessing the Hidden Menu

This method sounds like an odd one but folks have found out about it posted on Bungie’s forums and it appears that the method is quite effective and the download will start if you follow the steps correctly. The method can only be applied when the error code window appears on your Xbox 360 console.

  1. Once the error code has appeared, there should be a hidden menu which you can’t see but it’s there since you will hear ‘menu’ sounds when you click certain buttons.
  2. Click the A button on your Xbox 360 controller and then click the down arrow. Repeat the same process several times (at least 7) and check the active downloads by navigating to the Guide menu by pressing the Guide button then select Games & Apps >> Active Downloads.
  3. The download for the Taken King Legendary Edition expansion should start now without problems.


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