Hero Freedom Caucus Leader Threatens Government Shutdown Over Border Wall Funding

Rep. Mark Meadows

House Freedom Caucus Chairman Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) told Breitbart.com in an exclusive interview that the next spending bill must contain funding for the the Trump border wall.

Mark Meadows said if the funding for the wall was not included there will likely be a shutdown.

Speaker Paul Ryan’s $1.1 trillion spending bill in May specifically restricted any and all funding of the Trump border wall.

Meadows says that won’t happen in the September bill.

Breitbart.com reported:

House Freedom Caucus chairman Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) told Breitbart News exclusively that the next government spending bill must fund President Donald Trump’s promised border wall, or there will likely be a government shutdown.

In a phone interview on Monday morning, Meadows—the chairman of the most influential group of House conservatives in Congress, the House Freedom Caucus—said that there are enough members in Congress to hold the line against any funding bill that does not explicitly provide for the beginning of construction of President Trump’s border wall. What’s more, Meadows says, his conversations with President Trump indicate that the president is supportive of such efforts and would veto—or refuse to sign—any government funding bill that falls short of the commitments necessary to begin construction on the border wall.

“There is nothing more critical that has to be funded than funding the border wall for two reasons,” Meadows, a key ally of President Trump, said in his phone interview with Breitbart News. “One is it is a commitment that the president made to the American people and one that he intends on keeping, but the second part of that is for our national security we must secure our borders. And the American people will accept no less.”

It is unfortunate that Meadows has to make such an announcement.
But Speaker Ryan continues to oppose the will of the people who put Donald Trump in the White House.


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