Gratus is an Android App That Helps You Appreciate Life a bit More


Smartphone applications have continued to resolve personal issues with their intuitive approaches. Whether it’s for managing your time or assisting in the health department, they’ve more or less, been able to prove their worth successfully. Similarly, Francisco Franco’s new app – Gratus (grateful in Latin) is built around a core purpose of motivating you and helping you appreciate the good things in life.


Gratus is rather a niche tool and allows you to log the pictures of achievements, companions, and events you’re grateful to have in your life. For instance, an image of you with your parents or a dog. The home screen is largely a list of these entries. With a single tap, you can add more, categorize them into tags and even press the heart icon to move them into favorites. Considering the intimacy of the platform, the developer has even included fingerprint or passcode authentication for accessing the posts.

Of course, if you’re anyone like me, you’re going to forget to update the app every day. Keeping that in mind, Gratus will remind you to add new entries via notifications, and there’s also a widget you can place on your home screen. In addition to that, you will receive alerts (you can configure the time) showing previous posts to boost positivity. Furthermore, Gratus features a straightforward and modern design that is bound to captivate you on first glance. The developer has specifically chosen colors which give out a cheerful vibe.

Gratus certainly isn’t something everyone will use, however, if you’re a person that even mildly suffers from depression, this is a must-have. Others should also try it once as the app is mostly free. Additional features such as fingerprint lock, daily reminders, a configurable widget will cost you a sum of €2.49. You can check out the video attached below to know more about Gratus.

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