GoPro’s new 360-degree action camera ‘GoPro Fusion’ teased

Last week, GoPro revealed some more information about a brand new product that will be added to its repertoire soon – a new 360-degree action camera called the GoPro Fusion. Even as GoPro continues to tease the product on its website – stopping short of revealing anything significant except for its much talked about 5.2K capture mode – folks from over at Engadget have posted detailed photos, specs and other juicy details about the Fusion. At the Vail valley Foundation Mountain Games event sponsored by GoPro, several tech journalists were handed over the GoPro Fusion who then took the device for quick spins. It was there that Engadget too, managed to come out pretty impressed with the Fusion.

Let us now quickly dive into the juicier details about the GoPro Fusion, shall we? Before that, watch this video captured using the Fusion.

The GoPro Fusion does share its looks with GoPro Hero5 Black. That said, it is a shade larger than the Hero5. This is warranted because the housing has to accommodate two cameras so for 360-degree capture. Also, unlike the Hero5 which is rectangular in shape, the GoPro Fusion has a square shape. The device also gets a small LCD display at the front that shows you all the important details regarding the camera and the mode that it is in. These are some of the images captured by Engadget at the event. Note that the device in these images is just a prototype. The final design might be slightly different.

Apart from the device itself, GoPro is also keen on launching its new piece of software that the company will soon bring to all its devices. This feature called QuikStories will let you easily create a shareable video using your most recent clips and make the entire process of editing the video a whole lot easier. Many action camera users will agree to the fact that editing videos is one of the most demanding jobs that usually follows an enjoyable trip. GoPro it seems is on its path to making this bit a whole lot easier.


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