Google Might Introduce a High-Resolution 120Hz Display for Virtual Reality in May

Google might be all set to introduce the next big thing in the Virtual Reality space. The search engine juggernaut is reportedly gearing up to introduce a super high-resolution display at the forthcoming SID Display Week in May this year. The company originally teased the product back in December 2017 and claimed it will feature “10x more pixels than any commercially available VR display today.


As per the new report, the VR-optimized 4.3-inch screen will have a resolution of 18-megapixel or you could also say it flaunts a whopping 1443 PPI pixel density. To put it in perspective, the Virtual Reality panels available in the market today reach roughly around 600 PPI. One of the key factors of this screen will be its 120Hz refresh rate which could allow for more immersive and smoother experiences, especially for games.

I’ve seen these in the lab, and it’s spectacular. It’s not even what we’re going to need in the ‘final display but it’s a very large step in the right direction.”, said Clay Bavor, VP of VR/AR at Google last year at the SID Display Week.

While it’s currently unknown which manufacturer Google has partnered with for producing these, it could be very well likely be LG. In 2017, it was rumored that Google was mulling to invest around $872 million in LG Display in order to secure OLED supply. In addition to that, LG had announced that it’s working on a new VR headset which employs a dual 3.64-inch 1440×1280 (529 PPI) 90Hz OLED display.

It’s possible Google might talk more about it at its upcoming annual developer conference, Google I/O. There’s also a good chance the next Daydream View headset will come equipped with it, although that would also mean it will be a standalone device, unlike the previous generations. We’ll know more about it at this year’s SID Display Week which kicks off on May 22nd, hence stay tuned.

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