Google Lens is Being Rolled out for all Android Phones with Google Photos

Google Lens

Every time Google announces a Pixel exclusive software feature, be rest assured that the same will eventually be available on all Android devices. Google Lens was launched last year as a Pixel exclusive and now Google is rolling out the same for all Android Phones that use Google Photos. With this in place, Android users can simply scan the things around them to receive a brief description. For instance, one can simply scan a flower to know its name or a dog to know its breed. Google Lens users can also create a contact by scanning a business card.


Select phones will also get a Google Lens integration with the Assistant and this will mostly include the flagships from Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Sony and HMD. That being said, the update is rolling out in batches and this means you may have to wait for yours. Google had announced the feature at the MWC.

Google Lens is essentially what Samsung did with Bixby Lens, or Amazon did on the Fire phone. It can recognize objects when you point your phone’s camera towards them. For instance, point it at a flower, and it will tell you the species it belongs to. Point it at a concert poster and Google Lens will bring pages for tickets, timings and more. Point at a restaurant, and it will reveal details about it. You get the idea. It will work through Google’s artificially intelligent Assistant and Google Photos. The technology leverages the company’s computer vision to gather accurate results.


Google is yet to give an exact timeline for the iOS launch. Meanwhile, I personally feel that Google needs to up its game when it comes to offering unique feature for the Pixel lineup. Pixel devices come with an impressive mating of software and hardware, but they rarely have an edge over other Android flagships (barring the camera, of course).

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