Former NH Gov Destroys CNN’s Coverage of Russia Hoax: ‘How Much Crow Are You Going to Eat?’ (VIDEO)

Former NH Gov. John Sununu appeared on CNN’s ‘New Day’ on Tuesday morning and blasted CNN for their coverage of the Trump-Russia hoax.

CNN’s Camerota acted like a shocked adolescent as she spoke about Jared Kushner’s meeting with a Russian banker as if this is something new for businessmen.

Governor Sununu came back at Camerota and kept asking her what exactly is she concerned about? Of course she brings up the Trump-Russia collusion that doesn’t exist:

Camerota: “You should be concerned if there was collusion and that’s what Congress-

Sununu: “I don’t see any evidence of collusion. Do you?”

Camerota: “No.”

Sununu: “Ok that should end your reporting right there! You should put an exclamation point after your ‘No’!”

Camerota went on to say that we’re still at the beginning of the investigation despite the fact that we are several months in.

Sununu: “You’re seven months into the investigation! You’re seven months! How much crow are you going to eat?”

TGP just reported that Kushner never requested a permanent ‘backchannel’ with Russia. The Russians requested one for a one-off call about Syria so WaPo has once again proven to be fake news.

Furthermore, in August of 2008, the Obama transition team planned “President elect and senior officials (to) begin confidential policy consultations with key actors in US and abroad” for the time period from THANKSGIVING (2008) TO INAUGURATION DAY (2009). It is in the attachment, Phase Three, Item #3.

The information was posted by Wikileaks from the leaked John Podesta emails.

Also, there is several emails just days after the election, where the Obama Team discussed sending Madeleine Albright and former congressman Jim Leach as emissaries to the G20 summit in mid-November 2008.
The press releases say they were going to “listen to our friends and allies on his (Obama) behalf”.

They Obama emissaries met with Russian Ambassador Kislyak on the first day of the summit.

That’s right, Camerota, have a seat while the adults get to work. The left-wing media is a total embarrassment; they have zero integrity. It’s no problem for them that the Obama transition team set up similar meetings, which further proves their Stalinist witch hunt of the Trump administration.



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