Feminist Outraged After PETA Sends Bikini-Clad Women to Protest Wimbledon (Video)

Tucker Carlson discussed the “sexual exploitation” of women in recent PETA advertising at Wimbledon with feminist and political commentator Wendy Osefo.

PETA sent bikini- clad women to promote PETA and Veganism at the world famous Tennis tournament, which feminists have likened to the abuse and exploitation of animals.  

Here is the video via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

Feminist Wendy Osefo was invited on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss how women are being oversexualized by PETA in their recent advertising efforts, using women in bikinis to promote veganism at Wimbledon. “If you have to use women in a sexual manner to advance your mission, then you have to question whether your method is flawed.” was Ms. Osefo’s lackluster argument as to why PETA should change its marketing strategies.

Tucker Carlson tried to explain that all parties involved were consenting adults and that there was no need for uproar. The feminist dug in on her worn out talking points, eventually admitting that “its not really about the women” but rather its the larger issue of feminism that is important. Tucker agreed that modern feminism is not really about women, but rather about controlling people.

Could Liberal infighting get any stranger than this?


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