Evgeni Malkin on dropping the gloves with P.K. Subban: “We hold each other for one minute”

The best thing about hockey fights is that they can sometimes look like awkward slow dances gone wrong, which is kind of what happened between Predators defenseman P.K. Subban and the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Evgeni Malkin on Wednesday night.

Late in the third, and with the Penguins up 4-1, Subban and Malkin dropped the gloves after a play was whistled dead.

The scuffle starts with a little back and forth between Malkin and Subban’s defensive partner Mattias Ekholm. As soon as Malkin shoves Ekholm, Subban steps into the fray. Despite refs trying to keep them apart, a quick punch from Malkin sets off some aggressive slow dancing between the two.

After the game, Subban and Malkin downplayed the fight.

“He speaks a little bit of Russian, but I played with some Russians too. I didn’t like what he said, so I said something back to him and then we went,” Subban told reporters.

Malkin also said it was less a fight and more like an extended hug.

“It’s not a bad fight…we hold each other for like, one minute,” Malkin said. “I don’t want to fight with Subban..I’m upset and I come to him, Subban comes to me, but it’s fine. I’m ready for the next game.”

Seriously, someone set this to the theme from Titanic, please.

Game 3 is Saturday night in Nashville.

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