Check out your iPhone X internals with iFixit’s annual wallpapers

iFixit today shared some wallpapers designed for that edge-to-edge OLED display on iPhone X.

Each year following their ritual iPhone teardown analysis, repair wizards over at iFixit post their special wallpapers that reflect the internals of Apple’s latest smartphone.

Their latest iPhone X-themed wallpapers look better than on the phone’s bright, vivid edge-to-edge OLED panel, especially with the bezel-less front face.

It almost appears like the front of your phone is missing.

There are two different wallpapers: the standard internals and a special X-ray edition.

According to iFixit, the images will work well as both Still and Perspective wallpapers. After finding the image in iFixit’s blog post that you’d like to use as your wallpaper, tap on it for the full resolution, then use the Share menu to save it in the Camera roll on your iPhone X.

You can then set it as your wallpaper in Settings → Wallpaper → Choose a New Wallpaper.

To try them out for yourself, head over to the iFixit blog post or hit the links below:

These wallpapers are made for iPhone X. Have an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus? Fret not, my friend, they’re currently working on those and will be available soon.

How do you like iFixit’s internals-exposing for iPhone X?

Let us know in the comments!


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