Best iPhone Apps That’ll Make Your Productivity Skyrocket

These days there’s an app for pretty much anything, yet we’re still busier than ever. We’re constantly searching for better ways to keep ourselves focused, on-task, and organized so that we can get the most out of our day. Whether you want to build a new habit, coordinate a team at school or work, or simply want a place to keep track of your to-do-lists, there’s an app that can help you do that efficiently. Here’s five of the best:


PHOTO: The Next Web is a to-do-list app that lets you organize literally anything in your life, from movies to watch, to personal goals, to work checklists. You can sync it up between all your devices, and integrate it with a calendar. The app can send you timed notifications and reminders, and you can make your list as complicated (or simple!) as you want.

It’s an awesome tool for keeping different aspects of your life organized when you’ve got a lot going on.

2. Trello


Love using bulletin boards to keep yourself organized? Then you’re going to want to use Trello. Trello is a highly customizable digital bulletin board. You create “lists” – a container, which can then be filled up with different “cards”. This can be anything you want, from specific tasks to generic notes, ideas, pictures, and more. The best part? You can create accountability by sharing your lists with other users. The app also allows you to create team lists where you can share ideas and assign tasks.

3. Habitica


Habitica is the app for every person who wants to turn life into one big game. If you’re struggling with building new habits, or creating self-discipline and consistency in your life, Habitica can help you do that easily.

It works like a game. You have an avatar who starts with a certain amount of health and mana points, and as you check off your to-do lists and keep up with habits that you set, your little avatar gains experience, allowing you to level up. As you level up, you get more health and mana points and special items. You can form a party, battle bosses (like the dust bunnies under your bed!), and participate in challenges with other players.

4. Timepage


Timepage is a productivity app created by Moleskine. Yep, like the notebook brand. It’s a type of calendar app that works like a day planner. You can integrate it with iCloud, Facebook, or Google calendars. The app will give you a daily layout, as well as a monthly “heat map” showing you when you’re the most busy. You can also add things like weather forecasts, maps, contacts, and other platforms like Uber to give you the perfect “big picture” view of your day.

5. FocusList


FocusList is a daily planner and to-do-list based on the famous Pomodoro productivity technique. Using a very simple timer system, it helps you stay on-task, all-day, every day. Basically, you create a to-do-list of different tasks you want to accomplish, and set a specific time slot (say, one hour) that you want to use to work on that task. The app then takes that time slot and divides it into 25-minute sessions, with 5 minute breaks, called “Pomodoro” sessions.

These sessions help your brain stay focused and on-task, keeping you at your productive. After all, you can do just about anything for 25 minutes, right?


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