Best Custom Kernels for Androids

The Android kernel is a bridge between your device’s hardware and software. It tells the device how to react to various commands from the applications. Basically, the kernel is responsible for your device performance and battery life. Since we are talking about an Android, yes, you can change your kernel and optimize your device for a better overall experience.

Depending on your device there may be dozens of kernels out there. But, how can you know which kernel is the best for your needs? Stay with me to the end of this article, and you will find out which are the best kernels for your Android device.

ElementalX Kernel

ElementalX Kernel is one of the today’s most popular custom kernels. It supports a variety of devices, from old ones to the latest flagships. This kernel is designed to offer you the most personalized behavior of your device. While using this kernel, you can choose from different CPU and GPU governors and optimize the device according to your needs. There is even a specific ElementalX CPU governor, which provides you the best balance between battery life and performance for your Android device.

ElementalX Kernel has its own EX Kernel Manager app which gives you total control over your hardware. There you can adjust all the parameters to your liking. For all the enthusiasts out there, it even gives you an opportunity to go one step further and overclock your device. Here are the most noticeable features that ElementalX Kernel offers to you.

  • Best balance between battery life and performance
  • Wake gestures (doubletap2wake and swipe2wake)
  • Easy installation with AROMA installer
  • Sleep gestures (sweep2sleep option)
  • L2 and bus overclocking options
  • Advanced display adjustments
  • Custom user settings
  • Sound controls

Despite all the features that ElementalX Kernel has to offer, it is a project that promises compatibility with many devices, and it has a wide community.

For further information and download check the official ElementalX Website.

Franco Kernel

Franco Kernel in one of the most convenient custom kernels that you can find. It has its own system for OTA updates. That offers you an ability to flash it with just a tap on your screen. This kernel also provides you different predefined configurations – Governors. However, with Franco Kernel you can set particular governors for different apps. So, if you want to launch an app that requires more resources, Franco Kernel will auto load the governor that you’ve defined for that app. Here is a list of the Franco Kernel features.

  • Easy installation from Franco Kernel Updater app
  • Reduced idle power consumption to minimum
  • Improved battery life
  • Display adjustments
  • Vibration controls
  • Sound controls
  • Daily support
  • OTA updates

Despite all the features mentioned above, Franco Kernel has its System Monitor that will keep attention on the stuff going on with your hardware. Here you can check your CPU frequency, GPU frequency, and the battery temperature.

For further information and download check the official Franco Kernel Website and the XDA Franco Kernel thread.

Wrap Up

Custom kernels are a powerful tool that you can use to improve the overall experience on your Android device. However, keep in mind that messing with kernels can sometimes be risky for your phone. So, make sure that you have a backup of a working kernel that you can restore from, in case you mess up.


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