Baidu and Xiaomi Partner Up to Work on Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence


Two of the biggest companies in the technology sphere — Baidu and Xiaomi — have today announced a strategic partnership at the latter’s first developer conference in Beijing. The China-based alliance will be collaborating on products in fields such as the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.


Incidentally, Baidu and Xiaomi have come together before for similar integrations. A range of Xiaomi branded smart home hardware is known to be powered by Baidu’s DuerOS. Although previously, it wasn’t publicly made official. This could be partially due to the controversies surrounding the operating system. Furthermore, Xiaomi had announced a slew of AI-powered features for its custom Android software, MIUI.

While all the details of this partnership haven’t been revealed yet, Baidu and Xiaomi at the event did mention that they will be exploring areas like deep learning, computer vision, voice recognization and of course, advancements concerning DuerOS. It’s also worth noting Baidu has been researching in booming technologies such as self-driving cars, Augmented Reality for a while now. This could become a starting point of this newly formed joint cooperation and the next step in Xiaomi’s future. Considering their past, it’s also safe to say this partnership will be restricting its efforts to China at least for now.


Both the companies have a strong presence in their respective markets. With a market capitalization of $86 billion, Baidu — China’s answer to search engine behemoths like Google — has kept machine learning and AI at the forefront of its web services. Xiaomi, as you probably know, has been soaring especially in emerging countries like India with its affordable range of smartphones. Together, they could lead to a new entirely platform for tackling companies like Google.

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