Apple Issues Apology for Not Communicating iPhone Battery Management Practices, Offers Discounted Battery Replacement


Apple users have been a distraught lot after they found out that the company was throttling the older iPhones in-order to strike a balance between performance and prevent unexpected shutdowns. In all fairness, Apple owed its customers an explanation, and that is exactly what the company has done.


Apple has issued an apology for “inadequately communicating battery management practices that slowed down iPhones with older batteries.” Apple earlier argued that as the phone’s battery degraded the output becomes less and as a result, the phone shut down during peak power delivery.


The accusations against Apple started pouring in a few weeks above when some of the Redditors noticed a sudden spike in performance when they replaced the battery. The same was also reflected on the Geekbench. Furthermore, Geekbench also unearthed that Apple had a special mode which becomes active when the battery starts deteriorating. The change is implemented in such a way that it masked the deficiency in the battery power by throttling the peak performance.

The throttling was also responsible for the conspiracy theory that Apple throttled it’s older devices in order to force the users to upgrade to the latest version. This conspiracy theory is flawed since Apple does throttle older devices, but it doesn’t do so to push the sales of their latest iPhones. As expected the throttling debacle has invited the wrath of class suitcase against Apple.

Apple offers solace with $29 Battery Replacement

Yes, Apple has finally issued a clarification and has also announced a program to help those affected by the battery issues. Apple has taken certain steps that would ensure that users don’t suffer due to the throttling issue,

  • Apple will be reducing the price of an out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacement to $29. This discount is available to all the users owning iPhone 6 and up. The details about this offer will be added to, and the program is expected to start by the end of January next year.
  • Apple has scheduled an iOS software update in early 2018. This particular update will bring the throttling feature to the forefront and perhaps will give users an increased visibility over the battery health of their iPhones. As of now, the iOS-only warns you about the battery only during its last leg.

All said and done; it is good that Apple has addressed this issue without any caveats. The $29 for a battery replacement seems like a very good deal. I just hope that Apple makes it a point to communicate such things prior to the users finding it out by themselves.

Update: In India, Apple will be charging Rs 2000 (+taxes) for the battery replacement. Currently, as per some service partners, the battery replacement used to cost anywhere between Rs 6300 to Rs 6500. The new pricing will come into place from January 2018.

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