Android O Could Mean Big Things for Mobile Gaming

With everyone focused on the impending release of the iPhone 8, it’s easy to overlook other important developments in the world of mobile devices. Android is making big changes, too, and is in the midst of releasing an exciting new operating system that could change the way you think about your mobile phone.Google I/O

The initial beta version of Android O was made available in March, but even more new features were introduced during the Google I/O conference. One of the biggest factors for smartphone users has been battery life, and it looks as though this will be a major part of the upcoming OS. Instead of working on huge, visible improvements, Google plans to focus on the vitals of smartphones. This will entail concentrated efforts toward security, stability, and yes, battery life. The update will also work to make device startup times significantly faster, and this is the change that could make a big difference when it comes to your apps.

Startup time is much more than just how long it takes your phone to turn on. Many people don’t shut down their phones for days or weeks at a time so a speedy reboot may not be their highest priority. Startup time also deals with how quickly apps will run and their overall stability. It’s expected that apps will be much faster as a result, and this is a great thing for gamers. Google has specified that the system itself should boot twice as quickly, and because of this all apps should run faster. That means better capabilities for intensive programs that require more computing power than ever before. As mobile games continue to become larger, sweeping projects, the need for a fast and stable operating system has become a necessity. That’s why these updates for Android O could be a much bigger deal than they may seem.

Casual games that were once previously known for their simplicity are becoming robust titles, and that applies across the entire genre spectrum. Online slot reels, for instance, now feature impressive 3D graphics that can put some serious strain on smartphones. With the ever-improving state of mobile technology and operating systems, it’s no surprise that more browser-based games are taking advantage of the new tech. This is particularly evident in regard to the online gaming industry. The majority of the UK’s gambling sites are making their way to phones, and these high-tech takes on classic games like slots and roulette are looking to make the most of what the new software has to offer. These platforms were once home to 2D card games and simple slot-reels, but players now expect colorful 3D environments, stereo quality sound, and smooth gameplay. As the standards for what gamers expect from casual titles keep getting higher, the devices themselves are improving to better support it.

Android O looks to be more subtle, nuts-and-bolts changes compared to sweeping, customer-facing advances, but they could still have a huge impact on the future of the OS. With a faster and more stable operating system in place, developers could have a new opportunity to explore what’s possible with mobile devices, which would make for an exciting time for consumers. There’s still not an official release date (or even a name) for Android O yet, but it’s expected that the latest update will be available in the fall of 2017.


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